Institute's statement on the notification by AMUS to its members


Mostar, January 31, 2019 - On the official website of Association of Composers - Music Makers of Bosnia and Herzegovina,, an announcement was released on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 addressed to the members of AMUS, in which, among other things, it is stated that the AMUS Steering Committee will take the AMUS Assembly Decision or the Decision of the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina on ordering measures as the sole basis for the payment of royalties.

In connection with the above, the Institute for Intellectual Property hereby informs:

"In accordance with Article 3, paragraph (1) item e) of the Law on the Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights (“Official Gazette of BiH”, No. 63/10), distribution of collected remunerations to authors according to predetermined distribution rules is one of the most important tasks collective organization performs and because of which it is founded. Thus, the collective organization is obliged to make the distribution of remunerations to the authors in accordance with the annual distribution plan adopted by the Assembly of the Collective Organization and the annual remuneration calculation passed by the Steering Committee.

Institute’s competence is to order by the decision, in accordance with Article 13 of the said Law, to the collective organization to eliminate irregularities found in its work, in this concrete case to hold regular session of the Assembly (which was not held in the last year) where all relevant documents need to be considered and adopted, in accordance with the Law and the Statute of AMUS."