Deadline extended for AMUS to eliminate irregularities in its operation


Mostar, July 28, 2020 - By the Decision of the Institute no. 04-47-5-591/19VT from 27/08/2019, license to the Association of Composers - Music Makers (AMUS) to perform the activity of collective management of the rights of authors of musical works was conditionally revoked, provided that within a year it adopts the decisions prescribed by the statute and eliminates other shortcomings in its operation.

Having in mind the circumstances caused by the corona virus pandemic (Covid 19) and the impossibility of convening a session of the Association Assembly, the Institute estimated that AMUS should be given additional time to convene the Association Assembly in the manner prescribed by statute and law.

After AMUS requested an extension of the deadline set by decision no. 04-47-5-591/19VT, the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH has issued a conclusion extending this deadline by one year.