Notice on the holding of the 7th Scientific and Professional Conference "INN&TECH" and the Second Fair of Innovations and Innovativeness INN&TECH


Mostar, January 8, 2024 - The Center for the Development and Promotion of Innovation, Technics and Information Technologies - CRPIT Sarajevo, organizes the 7th scientific and professional conference "INN&TECH" - a conference on the importance of the development of technics, technology, innovation, innovativeness and information technologies.

The conference will be held in Sarajevo, at Hotel Hills Ilidža, on January 23, 2024, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Purpose of holding the conference is to promote the importance of technical and IT sciences for the general social interest, then, the importance of youth education for these areas, and the necessity of synergistic action of the educational, scientific and economic sectors.

Topics of the conference:

-              Pedagogical aspects of the application of artificial intelligence

-              Are we educating young people for what awaits them?

-              Compatibility of learning outcomes and the labor market

-              Successful young people who stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina... What we can do?

Second Fair of Innovations and Innovativeness INN&TECH aims to promote BiH innovations and innovators, support them in their efforts to help improve the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina with their innovations. One of the important goals of holding the fair is to provide young people, students and pupils with the opportunity to present their innovations, innovative and technical solutions, and to spread their knowledge and exchange experiences with each other. More than 70 teams, with more than 200 authors, will present their projects at the fair, CRPIT announced.

The sponsors of the event are the Federal Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Economy of Sarajevo Canton.

All those interested from education, science, business, IT industry, youth and all those who deal with youth issues, innovators, professors, teachers, scientific workers and all interested parties are invited to participate in the conference and to visit the Second Innovation and Innovativeness Fair.

More information about the events, as well as registration for participation at